Astronomical Events 2014

                                                     February 2014

21- The Moon occults Saturn for the Indian Ocean at ~22:18 UT.
26- The 14% waning crescent Moon occults Venus for central Africa at ~5:23 UT.

                                                      March  2014

07- Asteroid 9 Metis occults a +7.9 magnitude star for Europe ~3:14 UT.
10- The 70% illuminated waxing gibbous Moon occults the +3.6 magnitude star Lambda Geminorum for North America in the evening sky.
14- Mercury reaches greatest morning elongation at 27.5 degrees west of the Sun shining at magnitude +0.1. Mercury’s best morning apparition in 2014 for southern hemisphere observers.
16- A double shadow transit of Jupiter’s moons occurs from 21:20 to 21:30 UT, visible from Atlantic Canada after sunset.
20- The Northward Equinox occurs at 16:57 UT.
20- GEO satellite eclipse season occurs, as geostationary satellites enter Earth’s shadow near the equinox.
20- Regulus is occulted by asteroid 163 Erigone for the NE United States and Canada at ~6:07 UT, The brightest star occulted by an asteroid in 2014.
21- The Moon occults Saturn for the South Atlantic at ~3:18 UT.
24- A double shadow transit of Jupiter’s moons occurs from 1:08 to 1:28 UT, favoring eastern North America.
24- Asteroid 172 Baucis occults a +6.7 magnitude star for South America at ~9:27 UT.
22- Venus reaches greatest morning elongation, at 47 degrees west of the Sun.
28- Asteroid 51 Nemausa occults a +7.7 magnitude star for Africa at 20:02 UT.
30- A Black Moon occurs, as reckoned as the second New Moon in one month.

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1) DUST Theory (Dev’s Universal Stability Theory)2) Dev’s Equation & Planetary constant
3) Dev’s Constant
4) Multi Orbital Theory
5) Dev’s Planetary Drift Theory
6) Dev’s Calendar of Great Cycle
7) Ascellerating Speed of Big bang expansion
8) How actually Universe formed
 9) How actually Life formed
10) Formula of Time
11) The Orbital Expansion Theory
12) My black hole Theory
13) Life of a star My Views

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