Why India lag behind when it comes to educating astronomy from High school level

The tradition of astronomy in India goes back to ancient times, Indeed festivals festivals and rituals are associated with astronomical phenomena, In India the students first serious contact with astronomy occurs in class x when they are at age 15, until 2002 astronomy was Represented in class 12th as well, but it has been dropped, This is serious setback for study of astronomy in India.

The main issue with our Education system in India regarding astronomy is that we think children at this age are not proficient in astronomical physics and mathematics and the subject remains descriptive, and primary teachers are not equipped to handle these subjects, and this subject thus remains Neglected.

The Indian Astronomical society can help if astronomy is to flourish in India by training teachers and providing the resources and reintroducing astronomy in early high school curriculum,
Astronomy is the most popular and attractive of sciences, undoubtedly the importance of exact knowledge of astronomy is becoming more and more crucial,

Increasing access to the internet gives new possibilities for improving astronomy education in  India, and utilizing remote education tools to open new frontiers for the popularization of astronomy,

What do you think about the Importance of Astronomy as a must have subject in Indian High school Curriculum ,

please do leave your Valuable feedback's  in comments section so this your Feed backs will be sent to the Astronomical Society of India for the betterment of astronomical education in Indian Schools 

Survey Deadline  : 30th July 2015 . Thank you

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