Multi Orbital Theory

Theory: “For an object in space to sustain its linear position it must and should have its own orbital Velocity with respect to its mass and a centrifugal force with an object greater than it’s mass”
The Multi Orbit theory explains that our universe has stable balance on its stationary position in mean state it’s because of this multiple orbits it exists between each and every objects we see in this universe , every object in this universe has an orbit with a respective object  greater than its mass and one interesting thing I believe is that whatever the object available in universe it has a base point of orbit that’s the exact big bang point where the big bang actually started  as shown in below figures
The orbits of the inner planets. From the center out, we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus and the Earth, then Mars and Jupiter. All the planets are orbiting in a counter-clockwise direction, as seen in this view from the North Ecliptic Polar direction. Note that Jupiter, Venus and the Earth have orbits which are nearly centered on the Sun, while Mercury and Mars' orbits are not centered on the Sun. Also, the inner planets' orbits are fairly evenly spaced, but there is a gigantic step outward from Mars to Jupiter. In similar fashion each fashion all object from minute atoms to protons and neutrons to heavier objects like planets stars and other heavier objects, here moon orbits earth earth and other planets orbit the sun the sun orbits the central sun (alcyone) the central sun orbits the greater central sun and this orbits much interstellar objects and finally the final most object orbits the central part of the milky way and I strongly believe that if this multiorbital was not in existance then none of these objects we see in this vast univase would have accuired its respctive linear position it would actually vanish into the vast universe irrespective of the direction and distances

In physics, an orbit is the gravitationally curved path of an object around a point in space, for example the orbit of a planet around the center of a star system, such as the solar system  Orbits of planets are typically elliptical. Current understanding of the mechanics of orbital motion is based on Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity, which accounts for gravity as due to curvature of space-time, with orbits following geodesics; though in common practice an approximate force-based theory of universal gravitation based on Kepler's laws of planetary motion is often used instead for ease of calculation
According to my theory I calculated that for an object to obtain an orbital velocity and a centrifugal force revolving around an object I believe its distance should be approximately 3716 times the circumference of an object with respect to its density and the force of gravity hence for an object to obtain a revolving centrifugal force the following condition must apply as per my calculation
3716 X circumference of an Object
Eg: 3716 X 40252 Km (circumference of an object or a planet) = 149597870 Km Consider a planet earth with circumference 40252 Km and hence 149597870 Km is the actual average distance from sun which is sufficient for the planet earth to revolve around the sun, and never to forget the density or the escape velocity of that object if the escape velocity is equal to 11 Km / sec then 3716 is perfect,
 Hence the value can be re written had    3716 X  d X eV    where d is circumference of an object and eV= escape velocity of that object 

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