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We live in the universe which is still unknown to the mankind the sun the earth the vast mechanism of sun that generates sunlight that makes life possible on earth, the gravity that binds us together, we usually think that we usually know better about this universe but it’s actually not true we are yet to find out where did the universe come from and where is it going ? Did universe have a beginning?  The Universe we see today is something we would ever completely know we humans are limited to few basic facts required to achieve that immense dreams we are limited to kilograms and tones in masses, miles in distances and so on but the universe has its own building blocks of its own laws.
How did the universe form was it cosmic event or was god around it to create it could there ever would have been time before time, it’s a question that has  intervened scientists and rest of us for more than 5000 years, But in 1920’s a scientific discovery   showed a new answer to the beginning of life the cosmic journey of the mankind, thanks to the genius of all time ‘Edwin Hubble’ at California  Hubble aimed a powerful telescope with a mighty 101 inch telescope into the sky and became the first man to appreciate the true scale of the universe, Hubble saw the small patches of glowing bright sky was not actually clusters but in fact enormous galaxies the views made a remarkable discovery that the universe is truly vast with million and billions of galaxies , remarkable as this discovery Hubble observations made even more profound conclusion that universe is expanding every single galaxy is drifting apart farther and farther apart, However this universally accepted phenomena Big bang is just a theory and there is no proper explanation for the big bang but what scientist believe that everything around us came from big bang
We humans build up own laws  within the limits of nature and consider them to obey the laws we created certainly it does but to some extent it makes us to believe that the universe is so immense that I believe that not all corners of the universe our laws can be applied the universe creates its own laws , There are lots of theories and research done to find out how universe began and all has different meaning s and prospectus, The Universe is the totally of all space, time, matter and energy and vastly unknown matter called dark matters . Our earth is a tiny island of matter and energy, in the vast ocean of space time like a tiny microscopic bacterium in a molecule of water in a vast ocean just as they say truth is stranger than fiction and so it is with the universe. The things that our scientists have found in the vast realms beyond our planet are unbelievable and beyond imagination
             Amazing Facts about the Universe: Galaxies
            Here are some amazing facts about huge island of matter and energy called    galaxy 
  • Galaxies are spiraling whirlpools of matter and energy, which are like small oasis in the vast empty spaces of our universe. We live in one such galaxy, which we call the Milky Way!
  • One light year is the distance traveled by light in a year and it amounts to about 9.4605284 × 1015 meters! Our Milky Way galaxy disk is about 100,000 light years in diameter and about 1000 light years thick! It has up to 400 billion stars like our Sun!
  • There are estimated to be about 100 billion such galaxies in the universe. The nearest spiral galaxy to our milky way is the Andromeda galaxy, which is 2.6 million light years away! This galaxy is on a collision course with our galaxy, and will collide with it in some billion years!
  • At the center of every galaxy, there resides a massive black hole! Even our Milky Way galaxy has a massive black hole in its center.
The word Big bang reveals the early development of the universe According to the Big Bang model, the universe was originally in an extremely hot and dense state that expanded rapidly. This expansion caused the universe to cool and resulted in the present diluted state that continues to expand today Based on the best available measurements as of 2010, the original state of the universe existed around 13.7 billion years ago The Big Bang theory developed from observations of the structure of the Universe and from theoretical considerations. In 1912 Vesto Sliphermeasured the first Doppler shifts of a "spiral nebula", and soon discovered that almost all such nebulae were receding from Earth which proved that universe is expanding.
I do respect the phenomena of big bang; well I do have a different thinking of the big bang phenomena, since our universe is really really big with infinite distance covering length and breadth I believe that the universe actually is just a part of beginning of our life, the big bang is not  only the whole universe it’s just a part of enormous no of big bang that takes place in our mother universe y we can call it rather a biggest galaxy the big bang galaxy, the big bang took place just like a normal phenomena like a star burst once a star collides and bursts  up it starts spreading its particles far away into the universe and it will move into the universe and it will move into the universe till it loses its entire kinetic energy which it gained during the explosion in simple the Newton’s third law of motion,
The big bang actually started with an explosion and then started expanding in the sense the infinite amount of energy released by the big bang explosion pushed the remains of the exploded particles into the vast empty space and it’s this energy due to which the particles (matters, stars, planets, galaxies) are expanding even after 13.7 billion years and will keep expanding till it equalizes the total amount of its energy gained at the time of big bang, I am sure that this expansion will come to an halt but when well it happen well the answer lies in calculating the infinite amount of energy released by the big bang expansion.
 This made me to think that universe was not the start of the universe, the universe existed before the big bang began because for an object to expand there must be some space and where did this space come from, The big bang was just the beginning to fill the vast emptiness of the empty universe that existed before the big bang actually happened, The universe before big bang which I call it as ‘Malicieux’ universe  or ‘Imaginary’ universe the world of no values no signs no depth no end of the world and to fill this vast universe the big bang actually took place, it’s this vast emptiness which fills the universe is what I believe scientists call it as dark energy, this ‘Malicieux’ universe plays and in important role in keeping the expansion in a stimulated way

According to Hindu religion percepts easily to the birth of the universe there was something existed and still exists it means that according to Hindu script creation was not from nothing but it is from something and the Hindus calls this something as ‘sristi’ symbolically they recognize this state of creation as to the god ‘Brahma’ there is one Upanishad a sloka which tells,
                       “Yadidam Kincha Jagath Sarvam prana Yejathi Nishrutham”
The meaning of this sloka was revealed by the great ‘Sri Swami Vivekananda’ he tells the meaning as ‘What all the universe that embodies itself before us was made from extreme vibrations of the air’ today modern science tells us the same, Well I do think that Hindus were also the ancient astronomers in one or the other way in Hindu mythology they collaborate the three states of life
Srusti – Means Creation               – Brahma
Stithi  - Means State of Existence –Vishnu
Laya  -Means State of death         - Shiva

Which tells us clearly that nothing can remain permanently in any state and one day it must come to an end; same goes with the big bang it must stop some day but when?
Well I believe that Big bang is actually as stated below

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