Open GL ProJects

Working Projects available for the Following Topics with Screen shots

Note Execute all these codes using the following code on Ubuntu

gcc -o test <filename> -lglut -lGL -lGLU -lm

1) Simulation of a Car running on the road with day and night changing background

Download Code here : Click here

2) Simulation of Paint ( Like MS Paint in Open GL )

Download Code here :<----

3) Lido Game

Download here :

4) Simulation of 3d Object and its shadow with movement of Sun and object( Note: This is Quite complex Project with respect to LOC , Choose this if u can explain every thing to the externals )

Download code here  : ( Mail me to for this source code)

5)Mirror Reflection of an Rotating Object  Open GL(C++)

Download Code here:

6)Phases of the Moon (In one continuous Rotation)

Download here  : ( Sorry Download Not available already Chosen)

7)Simulation of College bus

Download code here

8)Dancing doll  : Download here 

9) Paper Plane

Download here:

10)Simulation of Table Fan

Download here 

11) DNA Simulation  ( Note: DNA strands are not twisted as it look naturally do necessary correction for that)

Download here

12)  Black Hole Simulation 

( Download Available Soon )-- Development Under Process

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